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Chicago + Ready for 100: And What This Means for Us

On February 14, 2019, Chicago announced its commitment to the Ready for 100 initiative! Its initiative is to transform America's environment for the better- make this country commit to 100% clean and renewable energy. 106 cities have committed to its initiative- and Chicago brought it up to 107. It is a resolution as of now, but in March it will be voted upon by the city. One of our co-directors, Suzy Schlosberg, represented CYACA and gave opening remarks before introducing mayor Rahm Emmanuel about the importance of climate change and the city.

The RF100 initiative means that we will see nonrenewable fuel transition into renewable energy, and see efforts to meet the ultimate goal- 100% clean energy. Along with the announcement of the RF100 commitment, the city announced its plans to address ongoing issues such as its infrastructure, communities in need, and other topics in pressing need.

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